Mooji Meats

Mooji Meats is a U.S. developer of 3D printing technology for the production of whole cut alternative protein products


Birdman is a Mexico producer of plant-based protein supplements and plant protein-enriched products

The Good Spoon

The Good Spoon is a Paris-based producer of mouth-watering gourmet eggless condiments, partnered with a leading French distributor and stocked at leading French retailers

Marvelous Foods

Marvelous Foods is a pioneering and fast-growing high quality plant-based yogurt and dairy products company in mainland China


Grounded is a first-mover in the U.K. and Europe for functional plant-based protein drinks, with delicious, clean-label grab and go shakes

A Dozen Cousins

A Dozen Cousins is a U.S. company producing ready-to-eat bean-based meals inspired by traditional southern and Latin American recipes

Blackbird Foods

Blackbird Foods produces best-in-the-world wheat protein, along with packaged soft-crust plant-based pizzas and meat alternatives

The New

The New Butchers is a leading high-quality plant-based meat brand in Brazil, producing delicious beef, chicken and fish products and stocked at top Brazilian retailers like Pão de Açucar and CarreFour


THIS is a hypergrowth UK-based plant-based meat company with products including chicken, beef and bacon, stocked at all leading retailers across the UK


Welldone is a fast-growing Russia plant-based meat company with a range of delicious and highly cost-competitive plant-based meat offerings and mainstream retail listings