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Scientific, Technical, and Industry White Papers

The following is a sampling of white papers and research reviews put together by Lever VC for internal use in the course of deal due diligence and sector analysis.

Lever VC Insights: Five Most Disruptive Technologies for the Fermentation Industry

Lever VC Insights: Bovine Disease Detection and Diagnostics

Lever VC Insights: Optimizing Soybeans for Alternative Proteins

Lever VC Insights: Plant-based hydrolysates for alternative protein applications - Technology, Uses and Challenges


Lever VC Insights: Scientific Benchmarking Guide for Fermentation Technology Companies

Upgrading Animal Protein

Lever VC Insights: Reducing Methane Emissions from Dairy and Beef Cattle

Lever VC Insights: Technologies to Improve Efficiency and Sustainability in Aquaculture


Lever VC Insights: Scale-up Costs of Precision Fermentation

Lever VC Insights: Opportunity in In-Ovo Sexing Technologies


Lever VC Insights: Cultivation, Fermentation and Chemical Synthesis of Animal and Animal-Like Lipids


Lever VC Insights: Summary of Molecular Farming Regulatory Issues in the U.S.


Lever VC Insights: Cultivated Meat Scientific Benchmarks


Lever VC Insights: Opportunities for CDMO and CMOs in Biomanufacturing Alternative Protein


Lever VC Insights: European Union Food & Beverage Trends 2023


Lever VC Insights: Gas Fermentation for Single Cell Protein Ingredients