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Lever VC tracks 3,500 companies globally and invests in a diversified portfolio, from plant-based meat and dairy products and ingredients to cultivated and fermented animal protein products and ingredients as well as crops, feed, machinery and other inputs into the alternative protein and upgraded animal protein sectors

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01 / 04

Bond Pet Foods is the first company in the world producing real, low-cost meat protein (starting with chicken protein) from fermentation, targeting the massive pet food sector

"Bond Pet Foods...leans into the creation of 'nature-identical' chicken, beef, fish and other meat proteins using precision fermentation"


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NuCicer is a breakthrough crop genetics company producing non-GM chickpeas with 75% more protein than conventional varietals

02/ 04

“NuCicer has developed a non-GM proprietary chickpea that...has the ability to cut the cost of chickpea protein in half”

FoodBev Media

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Mission Barns is a global leader in producing cultivated animal fat as an ingredient for the plant-based meat sector

“Mission Barns...is in talks with leading food companies about incorporating animal fat grown in bioreactors into a range of hybrid meats combining animal- and plant-bsaed components"

Food Navigator

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THIS is one of the world’s fastest-growing plant-based meat brands, with a range of chicken, beef, pork and prepared meal products

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“THIS is now the fastest-growing plant-based meat brand, recording a 333% year-on-year net sales growth...and out-performing a fast-growing category”

Just Entrepreneur

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A Dozen Cousins (U.S.) produces ready-to-eat bean-based meals inspired by traditional southern and Latin American recipes

Avant (Singapore and Hong Kong) produces real marine protein ingredients from cell cultivation including fish meat and marine collagen

The Better Meat Co (U.S.) produces a novel fermented mycelium protein as an ingredient for meat alternatives and hybrid meat/meat-alternative products

Birdman (Mexico) produces plant-based protein supplements and plant protein-enriched products and non-dairy milks

Blackbird Foods (U.S.) produces wheat protein-based meat alternatives and plant-based frozen foods including pizzas

Bluu Seafoood (Germany) produces fish meat products and hybrid products from cell cultivation

Bond Pet Foods (U.S.) produces real meat proteins from precision fermentation as ingredients for the pet food sector

CellX (Mainland China) produces beef, chicken and pork products and hybrid products from cell cultivation

Good Planet (U.S.) produces plant-based cheese products including shreds, slices, wheels, and cream cheese

The Good Spoon (France) produces plant-based condiments and spreads including mayonnaise

Grounded (U.K.) produces plant-based protein drinks and plant protein-enriched non-dairy milks

Heura (Spain) produces plant-based chicken, beef and pork products

Marvelous Foods (Mainland China) produces plant-based dairy products including yogurt and ice cream


The Mediterranean Food Lab (Israel) produces flavorings via multi-stage fermentation as ingredients for the plant-based foods sector

Melt&Marble (Sweden) produces animal fat-like lipids through precision fermentation as ingredients for the plant-based foods sector

Mission Barns (U.S.) produces animal fat from cell cultiation as an ingredient for the plant-based meat sector

Mooji Meats (U.S.) develops 3D printing technology for the production of plant-based and hybrid plant-based/cultivated whole-cut meat products

Mozza (U.S.) produces dairy casein in plants as an ingredient for the plant-based cheese sector

The New (Brazil) produces plant-based beef, chicken, fish and pork products and frozen and prepared meals

No Cow (U.S.) produces plant-based protein bars, plant protein supplements, and related products

NoMoo (Brazil) produces plant-based dairy products including cheeses, yogurt, mayonnaise, and cream cheese

NuCicer (U.S.) develops novel chickpea varietals with 75% higher protein content for lower-cost chickpea protein ingredients and high-protein chickpeas and flours

Nude (Brazil) produces plant-based milks, creamer and related non-dairy products

THIS (U.K.) produces plant-based chicken, beef, pork, and frozen meals

Tiba Tempeh (U.K.) produces tempeh-based meat alternatives and prepared meals

TurtleTree (Singapore) produces cow’s milk and human breast milk and ingredients for the infant nutrition and dairy sectors

Well Done (Cyprus and Russia) produces plant-based beef and related products

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The Better Meat Co produces a unique plant-based protein that combines with conventional meat for a blended meat/plant-based product, as featured in Perdue products sold at 7,000+ retailers across the

Blackbird Foods produces best-in-the-world wheat protein, along with packaged soft-crust plant-based pizzas and meat alternatives

CellX is a rapidly expanding mainland China cultivated meat startup creating cultivated pork and hybrid cultivated/plant-based pork products

Heura is a health-forward Spanish plant-based meat company with delicious and clean label plant-based chicken and beef products distributed across Spain and around the EU

Mission Barns is producing pure, customizable animal fat from cell cultivation for its own branded alternative pork products as well as other sectors

THIS is a hypergrowth UK-based plant-based meat company with products including chicken, beef and bacon, stocked at all leading retailers across the UK

Welldone is a fast-growing Russia plant-based meat company with a range of delicious and highly cost-competitive plant-based meat offerings and mainstream retail listings

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Marvelous Foods is a pioneering and fast-growing high quality plant-based yogurt and dairy products company in mainland China

Mozza produces real dairy proteins in plants to create real dairy cheese that stretches, melts and tastes like cheese should, without the cow

NoMoo is a pioneering and high quality plant-based dairy products company in Brazil with cheese, yogurt, butter and other products stocked in leading Brazilian retailers

TurtleTree Labs is the first company in the world producing real, full milk (both cow’s milk and human breast milk proteins) via cell cultivation and fermentation, for the infant formula

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Bluu Biosciences is Europe’s leading cultivated seafood company, headquartered in Germany, producing GMO-free fish meat and marine protein products

The New Butchers is a leading high-quality plant-based meat brand in Brazil, producing delicious beef, chicken and fish products and stocked at top Brazilian retailers like Pão de Açucar and

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A Dozen Cousins is disrupting the massive but stale bean protein market with savory ready-to-eat products stocked at major US retailers like Walmart, Costco and Trader Joes

Blackbird Foods produces best-in-the-world wheat protein, along with packaged soft-crust plant-based pizzas and meat alternatives

Grounded is a first-mover in the U.K. and Europe for functional plant-based protein drinks, with delicious, clean-label grab and go shakes

The Good Spoon is a Paris-based producer of mouth-watering gourmet eggless condiments, partnered with a leading French distributor and stocked at leading French retailers

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